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We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog with this Southern Tidbit–Hurricanes are part of the history of the South, whether we like it or not. Even our polite Southern manners cannot keep them away. I was curious about the history of hurricanes in the southeast USA and found an interesting site that lists all the hurricanes since Christopher Columbus in 1502. If you like this sort of thing, check out this link.

Historic Hurricanes


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See the skyscraper that inspired the Empire State Building

Model for Empire State Building
Model for Empire State Building

Winston-Salem is best known for the Moravian culture on display in its historic Old Salem community. But visitors passing through downtown often look at one of the city’s skyscrapers and have a feeling they’ve seen it somewhere before.

Winston-Salem’s Reynolds Building was the model for the Empire State Building, one of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers. The connection is so strong that executives from the Empire State Building sent the Reynolds Building a thank-you card on its 50th birthday.

The Reynolds Building was constructed in 1929 by Shreve and Lamb, who would design the Empire State Building a few years later based on the same plans. The iconic shape of the two buildings is the same, though the Empire State Building has 102 floors whereas the Reynolds Building has 22.

For nearly a century, the Reynolds Building was the home office for the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The Reynolds Building was named “Building of the Year” by the National Association of Architects, won the 1984 Art Deco Society of New York award for best restoration and was the tallest building in the South for 35 years. The building’s future is undecided and it may take on a new role as a luxury hotel.

(Reprinted from Visit North Carolina: Project 543)

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The Southeast’s Most Magnificent Waterfalls

Looking Glass Falls, NC
Looking Glass Falls, NC

By James Richardson (Guest Blogger)

Waterfalls are always a great destination for travelers in general–hikers and photographers in particular.What makes a good waterfall? What makes a great waterfall?What is a best waterfall? For that matter, what makes for the Ten Best Waterfalls? First of all, what is best to one person may not be best to another.  I had to arrive at a definition for a best waterfall before I could compile my list. These are many good waterfalls in this part of the country and I wanted to give all an equal chance. Continue reading “The Southeast’s Most Magnificent Waterfalls”

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7 Fun Facts About North Carolina Beer

7 Fun Facts About NC Beer
NC Beer (Photo courtesy of

Check out North Carolina Beer!

1. North Carolina is home to nearly 100 breweries — more than any other state south of Pennsylvania and east of Texas, according to a Beer Association survey.

2. The “State of the Craft Beer Industry” report for 2013 shows North Carolina setting the pace for growth of new breweries with a 23 percent increase in 2011.

3. Three major craft breweries chose the Asheville area for East Coast expansions: Oskar Blues (Brevard), Sierra Nevada (Mills River) and New Belgium (Asheville, opening 2015).  Continue reading “7 Fun Facts About North Carolina Beer”

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NC Carolina Potato Festival

Who Knew? NC has a Potato Festival!

It’s true. I just discovered that the North Carolina Potato Festival will take place in Elizabeth City on May 18th from 10 am. until 10 p.m. Some of the fun and unique activities include:

  • “Anything but Fries” Restaurant Challenge
  •  National Potato Peeling Contest
  • Little Miss Tater Tot Contest
  • Lucky Duck Derby Race
  • Car & Motorcycle Show
  • Cornhole Tournament

Live musical performances on the Main Stage are planned throughout the day and feature a wide array of music. In addition, there are  arts and crafts, concessions, activities and rides for children, and a grand finale Street Dance under the stars.

Interesting facts about potato growing in North Carolina

  • North Carolina produces over 18,500 acres of potatoes for commercial sale valued at approximately 23 million dollars.
  • North Carolina also ranks about 17th in the nation in cash receipts for potatoes.
  • Most of North Carolina’s potatoes are grown in Northeastern North Carolina along the coast.
  •  Potatoes grow best in Northeastern North Carolina due to the rich, sandy soil and high mineral type soils found there.
  • February is known a potato-lover’s month.