Welcome to Southern-Traveller!

If you want an authentic Southern experience in travel, this is your site! We offer some of the best recommendations on great places to visit in the South, including where to stay, eat, shop and play. We don’t just give you generic lists of sites to visit and places to stay, but only tried-and-true recommendations from personal visits to these destinations.

Some articles have links to click on to read the entire story I’ve written because they were published elsewhere–Allegiant’s in-flight magazine, other travel blogs, etc. (They are safe to click on!)

Travel destinations are always changing–new restaurants, new events, etc. While I have deleted many outdated stories, I have left some older ones because some of the content is evergreen. I encourage you to always check updated content on the web or click on the Blogroll in the right hand column which will take you to CVB’s or a site with the latest info on these destinations.


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