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The Southeast’s Most Magnificent Waterfalls

Looking Glass Falls, NC
Looking Glass Falls, NC

By James Richardson (Guest Blogger)

Waterfalls are always a great destination for travelers in general–hikers and photographers in particular.What makes a good waterfall? What makes a great waterfall?What is a best waterfall? For that matter, what makes for the Ten Best Waterfalls? First of all, what is best to one person may not be best to another.  I had to arrive at a definition for a best waterfall before I could compile my list. These are many good waterfalls in this part of the country and I wanted to give all an equal chance.

Best is not a word that can easily be used to describe waterfalls. Highest, widest, largest, highest volume, prettiest or most photogenic are adjectives that are more commonly used to describe waterfalls, but I chose to use best. For this article I am saying that my best waterfall is a combination of these elements: largest, highest, visible all year and uniqueness. Uniqueness played the major part in selecting some, as did largest and tallest. Again, this list is mine and anyone can disagree.

(To read entire article and view photos of the 10 Best Waterfalls in the Southeast–four of which are in NC–click on the link above, Ten Best Waterfalls.)


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