Festivals / events, Georgetown, South Carolina

Georgetown, SC, Wooden Boat Show

The 23rd annual Georgetown, SC, Wooden Boat Show takes place this Saturday, Oct 20th and promises to be lots of fun for the entire family. It’s one of my husband’s favorite annual events to attend! I also enjoy the small-town waterfront festival which includes maritime arts and crafts, food and music.  Make it a family event– the kids and grandkids will enjoy the children’s model boat building as well.

The show takes place from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Saturday and includes more than 100 classic wooden boats displayed both on land and water.

The  Wooden Boat Challenge is one of the highlights of the show.  A team of two race to build a rowing skiff within a 4-hour period (you can watch them build under the tents) and then test their boats in a rowing relay on the Sampit River.

Check out the video which includes an interview  with an instructor from Cape Fear Community College and four students who participated in the Wooden Boat Challenge at the 2011 event.

Make it a weekend– Even if you can’t make the Wooden Boat Show this weekend, be sure to check my posts on Southern-Traveller.com  all next week.  I’ll be describing fun places to visit, eat, and stay in the Georgetown area for a fall weekend get-a-way!

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