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More About the “Shag” Dance

The Shag–The Official Dance of  South Carolina

Carolina Shag is the state dance of South Carolina. The state bill was introduced in 1984 by representative “Bubber” Snow, and signed by governor Dick Riley. The General Assembly by Act No. 329, 1984, designated the Shag as the official dance of the State.  ( – The official homepage for the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs.)

The original Carolina Shag is said to have originated in Atlantic Beach area, But most agree on the modern form of the dance being danced in the Myrtle Beach area (The Pavilion?) in the mid 1940s (WWII) when the R&B bands were playing the beaches and the clubs, the music slowed down considerably and the dancers, the music and the times changed the dance up to its current look and feel. Continue reading “More About the “Shag” Dance”

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Where did “the Shag” dance originate?

I recently received a challenge on my “Southern Tidbits” column regarding the origination of  “the Shag.” The commenter claims the birthplace was not Myrtle Beach, SC, but Carolina Beach, NC. (See comment under “Contact” category).

There is quite a bit of controversy over the birthplace of “the Shag.” I don’t think anyone has come up with solid proof for either NC or SC. However, because we’re friendly states, I’m willing to concede to whomever can show solid proof either way!

Let’s hear from some other readers? Was North Carolina or South Carolina the birthplace of the Shag? (Leave your comment below.)