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The Perfect Chocolate Bon Bons coming to local Port City Java’s

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South n' France co-owner, Charlene Dupray

Charlene Dupray--co-owner of South n' France

 South’n France opened its headquarters in the little pink house on Orange Street in Wilmington, NC, back in 2006. The owners–a Frenchman and a  Southern belle have turned a family recipe into exquisite handmade bonbons that embody the spirit of the South and France. 

“In France, bonbon is the universal world for candy,” says Pascal Siegler (the Frenchman) and husband of Charlene Dupray (the Southern belle) who grew up in Wilmington and graduated from New Hanover High School. “But from a French culinary perspective, the bonbon is defined as a sweet dough or confection that has been dipped in an outer layer of chocolate. What makes our product unique is that we don’t have any preservatives or chemicals in our chocolate.”  Continue reading

Chocolate–Food of the Gods

Valentine’s Day and Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner,  most gift-givers know that chocolate ranks right up there with roses as the most romantic gift one can give! But did you know that this traditional gift of love, with the botanical name of Thebroma cacao, means “Food of the Gods”? Continue reading