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100 most-delayed flights in US include some Southern airports

What’s the best time for Southerner’s to fly to avoid delays?

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (Aug. 4th, 2011) forty of the 100 most-delayed flights in the country begin or end in Newark, NJ. There were also three Southern airports cited in this list of most delayed flights: Atlanta, Memphis, and Dallas Love Field. Two Delta flights originating in Newark (Delta 2743/5:00 p.m. and Delta 2843/6:25 p.m.)  were consistently late to Atlanta. An Atlanta to Los Angeles Delta flight (Delta 2355/8:45 p.m.) was also on the list, as was a Continental flight (Express Jet 2248/7:20 p.m.) from Memphis to Newark.  Two others included a flight (Delta 1977/6:05 p.m.) from Chicago O’Hare to Atlanta and a flight (Southwest 50/7:55 p.m.) from Dallas Love Field to Kansas City.

World Golf Hall of Fame

Southern Tidbits

Did you know that the original World Golf Hall of Fame was founded in Pinehurst, NC, in 1974? But in 1998 it was relocated to St. Augustine, FL. Check out my article at:

Golf Hall of Fame_16MAY11