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  1. Dear Mrs. Chambers,
    I’m Alberto Piro, the Hotel Bosco Ciancio director (

    I would like to invite you to stay a few days in our hotel. I made a few renovation this year and I’m going to make new ones for next year.
    You are an expert in travel, therefore your opinion will be very important for me also to improve the hotel services for my guest.

    You are welcome to visit Bosco Ciancio anytime, so that I have the chance to transmit your my passion for this beautiful and ancient place and my love for the magnificent mount Etna.

    It follows a brief description of our hotel.

    Bosco Ciancio, with its 30 hectares of chestnut trees, is the main structure of what was once one of the largest Etna estates, the old farm of the Ciancio Dukes. The Baglio is located inside the Etna Regional Park; Bosco Ciancio is a historic building from the 1800s that has been accurately and passionately restored; a perfect example of the traditional rural architecture of the Etna area. Hall, bar, restaurant, solarium and 15 rooms are available for guests.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,
    Alberto Piro


  2. Would definitely love to have you come check out The Bowery next time your in town.


  3. Actually, West Virginia was created by Lincoln without the consent of Congress.


  4. “Did you know that “The Shag” was reportedly born on Ocean Drive in Myrtle Beach, SC, and originated during the jitterbug-era of the 1940’s?”

    The Carolina Shag originated in Carolina Beach, NC. Myrtle Beach likes to claim that it started in Myrtle Beach, but it didn’t.


    • Southern-Traveller

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for the comment. There is quite a bit of controversy over the birthplace of “the Shag.” I don’t think anyone has come up with solid proof for either NC or SC. However, since we’re friendly states, I’m willing to concede to whomever can show solid proof either way!

      Let’s hear from some other readers? Was North Carolina or South Carolina the birthplace of the Shag?


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