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Unique Arizona Farm Tours

Although this website / blog is mainly dedicated to travel in the South, on occasion we will highlight other fun areas  Southern-Traveller has visited and thinks readers may enjoy. Today’s story takes you to some unique farms in the Phoenix, AZ, area that focus on agri-tourism. (This article recently won 3rd place in the International Food, Wine & Travel Writer’s Association’s 2013 Infinity Publishing Awards. (See link below).


The Southwest–Phoenix, Arizona

The “Other South”

Most of my readers already know this travel website/blog is all about the Southeast states of North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  But I like to stir things up once in a while and throw in a few links to stories I’ve written about other locations. The following link is one such story written while on a media trip to the Phoenix, AZ area last October.  Continue reading

New boutique wineries on Verde Valley Wine Trail near Phoenix, AZ

Wine in Arizona

Wine Tasting at Alcantara Vineyard on the Verde Valley Wine Trail near Phoenix.

OK.  I know what you’re thinking! This website is all about The South (North & South Carolina, Georgia, & Florida), so what is a story about Arizona doing here?Well,  technically Arizona is in the south-the Southwest–that is!

I was recently invited to visit Phoenix for a week with a group from the International Food, Wine & Travel Writer’s Association of which I am a member. It was such a great trip that I can’t help but share some of my stories from it.

So enjoy this diversion and check out Arizona’s wine culture in a story I wrote for Suite 101:–coming-boutique-wineries-a397904