“Encounters”–U.F.O Exhibit at Myrtle Beach, SC

Encounters: U.F.O. Experience

New Encounters IFO Exhibit at Broadway at the Beach

New Encounters UFO Exhibit at Broadway at the Beach

The world’s first exhibition exploring historical and present-day reports of U.F.O’s opens April 2013 at “Broadway at the Beach” in North Myrtle Beach. This family-friendly exhibit features seven galleries that will have over 200 original and reproduced artifacts and models that explore the ancient mysteries of Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the mysteries of Area 51 and Roswell, the famous Easter Island statues, and military involvement in the phenomena. 

This fun and educational exhibition offers visitors two unique out-of-this world experiences. Based on observations of thousands of people who have reported abduction experiences, one gallery simulates a white light experience while another recreates an abduction experience.

Intergalactic travel can also be explored with working models of propulsion systems and scientific explanations of the wormhole and black hole theories. There are a variety of other experiences such as an artificial gravity device enabling visitors to feel the effects of gravity in space.

Encounters will also have spotlight pop culture with replicas of props of famous Hollywood productions such as ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Alien and Men in Black, as well as highlighting television, radio, books and websites that have devoted to alien encounters.

Myrtle Beach is the first stop on what is expected to be a worldwide tour of the exhibition.

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