Coastal Uncorked 2012 Restaurant Review — Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant

Reviewed by Sarah E. Chambers
Southern-Traveller’s Food & Wine contributor

It’s that time of year again. You’re gazing out of the office window just counting down the hours until you can sit outside and hold a cold brew in your hand. Coastal Uncorked: Food, Wine, and Spirits Festival in Myrtle Beach has officially started a spring fever frenzy. With events running from April 22nd thru the 29th, I couldn’t resist but start my weekend early.

Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant, located in The Market Commons,  is one of the 15 restaurants participating in Coastal Uncorked’s Restaurant week. For only $20.12 a person you get to choose a three-course meal from a specialty menu designed just for the event. Although alcohol is not included, I highly recommend trying some of their handcrafted signature brews. If you’re at a loss for which beer to enjoy, do not hesitate to ask their wonderfully attentive staff what to pair with your meal. They also offer beer samplers if you just simply have to try them all.

A good salad is how to win this very particular foodie over. When given the option of a caesar or house, I decided to go for the latter. Consisting of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon, cheeses, and spiced pecans topped with vinaigrette, it was a nice surprise. Call me old-fashioned, but I crave any salad with candied pecans so I was somewhat skeptical to see a twist on this beloved dish.  The spiced-nut created a whole different element to the salad which complimented my golden export (light lager) perfectly.

When I hear I’m going to dine at a brewery, I have come to expect the staple meal of grilled bratwurst with sauerkraut, cabbage, and potatoes. This experience did not disappoint. With a perfectly grilled “brat” and large portioned sides the one surprise was that this is not a part of their regular menu! Hurry in while you can and order this with a tall pilsner to transport your table to their own private Oktoberfest. Not big on the German dish? Give the lobster & shrimp tacos or pecan crusted chicken a try.

No meal is complete until that sweet tooth is satisfied. I was lucky enough to try both the warm apple bread pudding and double chocolate fudge cake. As someone who doesn’t normally gravitate to bread pudding, they might have converted me. Ice cream, caramel, and warm apples set the dish off then the garnish of cinnamon and powdered sugar really brought it to a nice finish. Hoping for chocolate? Double chocolate fudge cake; the name says it all. Perfectly moist and not overly sweet, any chocolate lover would be in heaven.

With a large regular menu, refreshing brews, and enticing members rewards programs there is no doubt I will be back.

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