The Southwest–Phoenix, Arizona

The “Other South”

Most of my readers already know this travel website/blog is all about the Southeast states of North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  But I like to stir things up once in a while and throw in a few links to stories I’ve written about other locations. The following link is one such story written while on a media trip to the Phoenix, AZ area last October. 

You’ll read about Joe’s Farm Grill, featured on Diners, Drive-Ins  and Dives located at Agritopia, and The Coffee Shop where Jessica and Jenna Flowers, winners of Cupcake Wars with their “coffee and cigarette” flavored cupcakes, bake up yummy flavors daily.  And I’ll take you to several other locations including Queen Creek Olive Mill, Arizona’s only family-owned and operated working olive mill. 

Check out the entire story at:

2 responses to “The Southwest–Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Southern-Traveller

    I agree. Loved it. Even got to me Joe–great guy!


  2. Joe’s Farm is such a great place for dinner!


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