Blue Ridge Parkway

Fall on the Blue Ridge Parkway

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 Fall is the time of year many people like to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway, so Southern-Traveller brings you some interesting tidbits about the Parkway to share at your next cocktail party.

Did you know:  250-miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway passes through North Carolina. And there are 25 tunnels along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina alone. The Parkway actually begins in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and follows the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains for most of its 469 miles. At the southern end it passes over the Black Mountains, the Great Craggies, the Great Balsams, the Plott Balsams and into the Great Smoky Mountains.

 It took 52 years to build the Blue Ridge Parkway, which was begun in 1935. The government gave the road its official name, but the local mountain people called it “The Scenic.”

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(Parkway info excerpted from the book, Backroads of North Carolina by Kevin Adams; photos by Sandra Chambers, copyright 2011).

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