Great Seafood in Myrtle Beach, NC

Mr. Fish

Reviewed by Sarah E. Chambers
Southern-Traveller’s Food & Wine contributor

Being born and raised in the Chesapeake Bay area has really set my standards high as far as seafood, so it is rare for me to find a place south of Maryland to really rant about. Mr. Fish took me by complete surprise. Don’t let their humble exterior fool you, for I was reminded of that phrase we learned in kindergarten, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

I was skeptical to try the she-crab soup because I compare all to the legendary bisque from  The Narrows Restaurant on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I was delighted to find not only did it compare in quality of seafood, but more importantly, in taste! With subtle hints of sherry, I found myself wanting to lick the bowl (or at least order a quart to go).

Since Mr. Fish proved themselves worthy right off the bat, I decided to put them to the test two more times with raw oysters and tuna fish tacos. The oysters were perfectly chilled and served with all of the condiments one would want, which made a nice transition to my entrée. The fish tacos, much like the oysters, came with everything one could possibly need. I,  however, chose to keep it simple. Tuna, sautéed onions, and peppers. Sometimes less really is more! The tacos, although delicious, really stood out when I ordered a side of their blackberry wasabi sauce. With my jaw hitting the table, I finished my meal and quickly added Mr. Fish to my short list of favorite restaurants.

For all you crab lovers out there (and I mean REAL crab lovers–ones who don’t mind getting dirty and working for your meal) make sure to try their Maryland-style steamed crabs, one of the many items on their menu I look forward to trying in the future!

Mr. Fish is located at 34th Street & Kings Hwy in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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