Real Baltimore-style crabcakes in the South!

Dead End Saloon and Fish Factory Grille

Fish Factory Grille outside seating

Outdoor deck at Dead End Saloon and Fish Factory Grille

For all you re-located Northerners (and Southerners)  who dream of a real Maryland-style crab cake there is hope! I’ve found a seafood restaurant that knows what Old Bay is, and they’re not afraid to use it! No fancy sauces, fillers or veggies mixed in with these big guys–just pure crabmeat! And it’s gotta be a good thing that their owner is from Laurel, Maryland!

Dead End Saloon` on Urbanspoon

But crab cakes are not the only yummy option at this seafood restaurant. My husband finds it hard to choose between the Fish & Chips, which he describes as the best this side of the UK. But never fear, we have the solution–I order the two crab cake dinner (each one a succulent 6 oz. crab cake)  and give one to my husband, while he orders the Fish & Chips for himself. 

Great water view from Fish Factory Grill

Great view from Fish Factory Grill

Not only does the Fish Factory Grille offer outstanding food, it’s a fun place to hang out with outdoor seating and a water view. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the fact  they have the NFL ticket! For Sunday afternoon game food try their Cajun Crab Lumps, Thick Cut Sweet Onion Rings, or Fried Pickles. 

How to get there: From Wilmington head across the bridge to Brunswick County and aim for Southport/Oak Island. Before you get to the bridge to Oak Island, take a left on Fish Factory Road. It dead ends at a marina and the Dead End Saloon and Fish Factory Grille.

And be sure to tell them the  Southern-Traveller sent you!

One response to “Real Baltimore-style crabcakes in the South!

  1. We loved the crab cakes and all the food from the Dead End Fish Factory Grille in South Harbour, NC AS WELL AS the original crab cakes from the Dead End Saloon in Baltimore, MD.
    ++F.Y.I- The owner is from Baltimore, MD and has owned the Dead End Saloon there for 35 years! When in Baltimore check it out!!


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