Georgetown SC to host wooden boat show

Wooden Boat Show Competition at Georgetown, SC

Georgetown, SC, plays host to one of the Nation’s Premier Wooden Boat Shows

The twenty-second annual Georgetown Wooden Boat Show will take place Saturday, Oct. 15 in the quaint waterfront town of Georgetown, SC.  An estimated 100 classic boats ranging in size from kayaks to yachts (some more than 100 years old) will be displayed in the water along the town’s boardwalk.  Visitors are allowed to board some of the boats to have a look around.

 A highlight of the event is the Boat Building Competition, with team members demonstrating their skills as they race to build a rowing skiff which will be tested in a relay across the Sampit River.  The competition begins at noon with a four-hour time limit. The race begins at 5 pm, with cash awards given to the top  three winners. These winning teams will also be eligible to compete in the 2012 National Boat Building Championship.

Although the town will be crowded,  this event  is well worth the visit.  Watching the teams compete in the Boat Building Competition is a unique experience.  In spite of all the noise and crowds looking over their shoulders, the teams demonstrate skill, craftsmanship and focus. And the rowing relay is full of drama as the skiffs are tested for their seaworthiness.

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