100 most-delayed flights in US include some Southern airports

What’s the best time for Southerner’s to fly to avoid delays?

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (Aug. 4th, 2011) forty of the 100 most-delayed flights in the country begin or end in Newark, NJ. There were also three Southern airports cited in this list of most delayed flights: Atlanta, Memphis, and Dallas Love Field. Two Delta flights originating in Newark (Delta 2743/5:00 p.m. and Delta 2843/6:25 p.m.)  were consistently late to Atlanta. An Atlanta to Los Angeles Delta flight (Delta 2355/8:45 p.m.) was also on the list, as was a Continental flight (Express Jet 2248/7:20 p.m.) from Memphis to Newark.  Two others included a flight (Delta 1977/6:05 p.m.) from Chicago O’Hare to Atlanta and a flight (Southwest 50/7:55 p.m.) from Dallas Love Field to Kansas City.

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