Weekend in Charleston, SC

Pineapple Fountain at Water Front Park

Just returned from a  hot but fun weekend to Charleston, SC.  My first two stops (camera in tow) were two of the most photographed sites in Charleston.

(1)  The Pineapple Fountain at  Waterfront Park.  Although Southerners like to claim the pineapple as their own unique sign of hospitality,  the pineapple actually the international symbol of hospitality.

Water fountain at River Front Park in Chareston, SC

Keeping cool at Charleston's Water Front Park

 While the Pineapple Fountain may be favorites with adults, the most popular destination at the park seems to be the fountain that kids are allowed to splash  in!

Be sure to walk  to the end of the pier where there’s a great view of the 575-ft. foot tall Cooper River Expansion Bridge as well as Patriot’s Point and the USS Yorktown.


HOuses on  Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC

Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC

(2)  RainbowRow.  Brightly colored homes dating back to the mid-18th century,  located at 83-107 East Bay Street. Take a stroll late afternoon or when the sun is setting.  The glow of doorpost lanterns adds an additional charm to the houses. 

Be sure to watch for my next post on where to find great food in a casual setting.

And check a story I wrote on Charleston, SC, for Wrightsville Beach Magazine.

Copyright 2010 Sandra Chambers–All rights reserved (text & photos)


One response to “Weekend in Charleston, SC

  1. Kathleen Horvath

    Great photos and some interesting history. Thank you for this lovely article!


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